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From solving a simple landscape problem to helping with a new farm enterprise, I love to come up with practical solutions. 

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Join me in sharing the simple pleasure of learning from nature and people, as I provide glimpses into my everyday adventures.

Nellie's Story

Learning how to scratch a living in an inhospitable climate with hard clay soil using only hand and horse power was an education in itself.

Nellie Gardner: Horticulturist, Agronomist, Flower Grower, Historical Landscape Expert

Horticultural and agricultural problem solving and restoring historical properties are Nellies favorite projects. She can see the hidden beauty in any property and help realize it’s potential. With a wide scope of experience in working in harmony with Nature, Nellie can help you facilitate your project and educate you on proper maintenance.

Nellie has developed tour scripts and done story telling for several historic properties; from introducing the healing properties of the landscape at the Richardson-Olmsted Complex to developing several tours at the Darwin Martin House and Graycliff. She weaves the stories of the owners and residents into the evolution and use of the landscape. Essentially bringing the landscape to life and building a bridge to the past that connects us all.

Pruning is one of Nellie’s specialties, she can teach you how to prune and help you to restore health and beauty to your landscape. She can help you grow a cutting garden of your own, design cut flowers into your landscape, solve a problem with plants or neighbors, or help you set up a productive farm.


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Horticultural and Agricultural Consulting, Cut Flower Growing, Problem Solving, Historical Story Telling