Nellie Gardner Live

Welcome to my YouTube channel!

Because of the pandemic, 2020 limited my availability for in-person classes and workshops where I share some of my favorite natural projects and tips of the trade. As my friends confessed they missed their “Nellie Fix,” I hope these videos provide some inspiration.

I want to share with you the everyday things in my life that I find satisfying and fulfilling. I hope these videos help you connect to real life, real people, doing real things. 

Many of the videos are instructional where you can learn how to make your own natural wreath or bake some prize-winning ginger cookies. Other videos will include interviews with some of my favorite people doing their thing wherever they work.

My videos aim to provide a simple, approachable way to expand your talents and curiosities through skill-sharing and storytelling.  I will share what inspires me via YouTube and my blog, and I hope you share with me what inspires you! 



Tell me about your upcoming project.

Horticultural and Agricultural Consulting, Cut Flower Growing, Problem Solving, Historical Story Telling