So Spring is right around the corner, right? It has come every year with the declaration of the birds, the smell of earth in the air, melting snow, and seeping water, soaking into the soil. And the work will start, the plants will grow, and the cycle of life will complete itself. It is inevitable, and comforting to know that I will be picking asparagus, strawberries, lettuce, and flowers soon.

I am still working on off-season tasks, mostly paperwork, ordering supplies, sourcing plants, writing, studying. I am not quite ready for spring, I still have inside tasks left to do, always trying to get another project completed before the warm weather arrives. Then I’ll be compelled to spend my days outside with my clippers, tillers, rakes and shovels at hand.

I love the way nature knows what to do all the time, it all goes on despite what humans create. It may go on differently, but one thing you can count on, is that it will go on. And that dependability is comforting. Comforting because in the human created world, you never know what will happen, what will fall down and what will be built up, but you know plants will grow, die, rot, and renew the earth, only to come up again.

Nellie……… Spring soon